Resident Inclusion

Pearson Place welcomes and respects diverse cultures, traditions, and heritages. We are honored that our Residents have chosen us to be a part of their journey, to continue to create memories and grow. We have enhanced our community by removing physical barriers to ensure accessibility for Residents in their new home. We care for both the human body, as well as the human spirit that fosters a healthy balance that leads to wellness.

Resident Engagement

The human spirit and body flourish with engagement, and there is never a dull moment at Pearson Place. Being a vibrant community is a promise, and we are committed to wellness. Residents are the leaders of their care plans, are involved in governance, and have choice in activities and the menu. We believe Residents that are active, connected and informed can thrive, learn and teach.

Our Suites

Floor Plans

Studio Suite "A"

1 Resident

36.6 m^2

9 suites on first floor.
18 suites on second and third floors.

Floor Plans

Studio Suite "B"

1 Resident

35.8 m^2

5 suites on first floor.
10 suites on second and third floors.

Floor Plans

Large Studio


51.2 m^2

1 suite on first and third floors.
2 suites on second floor.

What Our Fantastic Care Partners Say

I am proud to welcome our outstanding new Community, Pearson Place. I have been honored to play a role in its development as it flourished into the beautiful Community that stands today.

I was drawn to Pearson Place due to being able to continue to provide care to individuals while also emphasizing the importance of them maintaining autonomy in their care. Pearson Place allows me the opportunity to focus on the residents' overall care, which is the aspect I have always loved about nursing.

I am excited to meet the residents and to work with new employee care partners in our community, Pearson Place. I learned a lot and am looking forward to gaining more experience here.

Pearson Place is a wonderful working environment. We are more than a team; we are a family. It is a pleasure to assist the residents in having a worthwhile and proactive life. Living with respect and dignity

I have met so many quality people who are all genuinely excited to be a part of this community. Seeing this space come to life with our residents is a great honor

I am loving being a part of the Pearson Place team! I have been focusing on recruitment, building a fantastic team to ensure our residents are receiving the best care possible.
I enjoy working with the recreation team and seeing all of their wonderful activities, parties and trips they have been planning for our residents. I also love being in collaboration with the doctors, homecare nurses and palliative care team, getting ideas from all of them to help build our community into one we can all be proud of. 

I'm so excited about coming to work where people are treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.